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SCANPAN Denmark has always combined the latest cookware technology with traditional craftsmanship. SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL is another result of SCANPANs continued research into new designs, materials and technology.

SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL features clean, elegant lines for the most unique cookware design on the market. The stainless steel covers and handles are polished in a two-tone matt-and-mirror finish, setting an exciting visual contrast to the all-black pan body.

SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL uses the patented SCANPAN technology well established with SCANPAN CLASSIC. The pan body is made from a core of solid, squeeze cast aluminum forged into shape with 200 tons of pressure. The optimum thickness of the pan prevents warping and keeps the pan base perfectly flat, especially important when used with glass top or ceramic ranges.

SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL is perfect for both the serious chef and the occasional cook. You will be amazed how much this quality cookware can contribute not only to the results in your kitchen but also to the joy of just preparing the food! And the sleek and unique design will want you to display this elegant cookware on the stove even when not in use!

The professional pan base distributes heat quickly and evenly while retaining heat longer, thus reducing energy use. Hot spots are completely eliminated.

The patented nonstick surface is created by firing a ceramic-titanium compound into the pan at 36,000F and twice the speed of sound. The ceramic-titanium particles briefly liquefy and permanently anchor themselves in the pan. A specially formulated nonstick compound is then embedded in the ceramic-titanium surface. SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL is safe to use with metal utensils and comes with a Manufacturers Warranty.

SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL can be used with little or no fat, making the preparation of low-calorie or fat-free dishes easier. The unique, patented surface technology combined with the professional pan base allows for browning, searing and deglazing, features that are not normally found with nonstick cookware. SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL offers perfect food release every time and can easily be cleaned with the wipe of a sponge.

SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL 18/10 stainless steel covers are available separately and are interchangeable with all other SCANPAN cookware of the same diameter and, of course, within the SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL assortment.

The cast, 18/10 stainless handles are securely and permanently attached with heavy-duty, stainless steel rivets that are guaranteed not to loosen. The handle design with the sturdy V-connection keeps the handles cool longer. The large grip area allows for easy control and handling of these professional weight pans.

SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL is suitable for all cook tops except induction. It allows for higher-heat applications from stove top stir frying to oven roasting up to 500 F.


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